CSL Plasma Coupon May 2022 | Get Extra $6 Bonus Now

Did you know that plasma is one of the most important components in our body that are necessary for survival? Become a plasma donor and earn by donating for a noble cause! Do you wish to know more about the same? Check out the CSL plasma coupons. Here we have collected some working coupons of CSL Plasma from some trusted sources.

CSL Plasma Coupon 2020

Receive An Extra $6 Bonus – This offer only accessible for new donors. You need to print this coupon or show on your mobile device to a CSL Plasma team member at the time of donation. This promo code redeemable once and may not be combined with other offers. Offer valid until 07.31.19. 

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Take this coupon at the time of donation and show this to the CSL Plasma team member. This coupon applicable for returning donors only and it may be redeemable once and may not be combined with other offers.
Offer valid until 07.31.19.

Picture Credits: www.cslplasma.com


CSL Plasma Inc is one of the biggest collectors of plasma, a vital component that is found in the human body. They are a team of professionals whose aim is to provide people with an overall better lifestyle by keeping their health in an optimal condition. The team provides therapies that are provided using plasma-based products and treat people who suffer from rare diseases. Some of the conditions they can successfully treat using plasma therapies include haemophilia, von Willebrand disease, hereditary angioedema, primary immune deficiencies, inherited-respiratory disease, as well as some neurological disorders.

Another excellent use for which the company puts its products is for preventing hemolytic disease in newborn babies. There are many treatments for burns that use such products along with other conditions such as cardiac disorders. Organ transplantation is one of the major surgeries that utilized plasma-based products. The versatility of applications of plasma in medical science is a big step forward to the advancement of the healthcare industry. CSL Limited is the parent company which is based in Melbourne, Australia.

If you wish to avail the benefits of the coupons, use them while donating at your nearest CSL center. You can gain up to $ 400.


What Is The Importance Of Plasma?

Just like platelets, white blood cells, and the red blood cells, plasma is a vital component of the human blood. It is in the form of a liquid that is straw-colored and carries components that are essential for a hassle-free survival of humans. 90 % of the plasma is basically water. But the rest of the remaining 10 % is composed of sugar, salt, protein, and various clotting factors.

Many times, it happens that some inevitable diseases somehow make their way into some people’s lives. They are difficult to treat with conventional medical procedures. This is when plasma therapy can come in handy. Plasma is effective in treating life-threatening conditions including, but not limited to hemophilia, immune deficiencies, trauma, and other blood disorders.

How Can I Donate Plasma?

Once you are sure that you wish to donate, you can rest assured as you are already halfway there. You are paving your way to contributing for a noble cause and bring smiles to millions of faces. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps and who knows how many lives you save!

First of all, as soon as you have decided that you are going ahead with the process, the foremost task is to look for a plasma center near you. Once you find it, all you have to do is pay a visit when the center is operating. In most cases, the operational days are every day. The best feature about this is that you don’t have to book an appointment in advance. Just pay a visit to the nearest center in any one of the operational days and make sure you go during work hours.

How Do They Work?

The donor loyalty program of the CSL Plasma includes iGive rewards, which give you some credit points. It depends on the donors whether they would like to redeem them for a cash payout or utilize them during a deal day or for a gift. There is a prepaid card that is reloadable in which you can redeem your money via the CSL Plasma Rewards. The more you donate, the higher the number of points you earn. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the statuses you are allotted according to how much you donate.

How Much Time Does It Take?

As soon as you enter into one of the centers, the friendly staff will greet you with a pleasant smile. Once you carry out all the formalities and prove your identity, the staff will guide you through the rest. The process takes about 90 minutes to finish. The healthcare professionals ensure that the entire procedure is fully secure and free of any potential physical dangers.

Is It Safe?

Yes, donating plasma is completely safe. As long as you belong to the age group from 18 years to 65 years, you can donate plasma. You can donate once in a period of two days and only twice in a period of 1 week. The plasma collection supplies are sterile. The healthcare professionals discard them after use so that there are absolutely no chances of any kind of infection. This makes the process safer and hygienic. Once they collect the plasma samples, they are put to the test in highly advanced laboratories. This ensures that the plasma used on patients during medical procedures is high-quality and meets the safety standards.

Are There Any Precautions I Have To Exercise?

Don’t donate more than once in a time duration of 2 days. Also, make sure you don’t donate more than twice in a duration of 7 days. Donating more than the prescribed centers can lead to health problems that can cause you physical trouble in the long run.


Donating for a cause that spreads happiness all around is as it is quite pleasing. Topped with cash rewards, the entire process becomes even more rewarding. You help someone in need and get paid for bringing joy. Isn’t that the best thing you could ever ask for?

We bet you will feel content after donating for such noble cause. You can rest assured with satisfaction that you are the sole reason behind the smile of an entire family. Your donation can save a loved one and bring joy to an entire community. So, now, do you realize how valuable your donation is for others? Moreover, it doesn’t leave the donor out in the cold, thanks to the coupon; you get a decent reward for your good deed. So, what are you waiting for? Give someone the greatest gift of life, their health. Visit the nearest CSL center and claim your joy immediately!

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