Hellcase Promo Codes May 2022 | Get Up To $0.70 Credit For Free

Welcome to the world of skin betting using hellcase Promo codes 2020. Have you ever been blamed for spending pennies on boxes and skins for your superheroes? Hellcase promo codes 2020 is an exciting opportunity for CSGO beginners to start into the realm of skin betting games.

Do you like to experience the thrill of super shooting with Hellcase skin cases?

Explore the world of CSGO with Hellcase. Hellcase greets its new customers with a welcome bonus and provides its existing users with several attractive offers by providing Hellcase Promo codes 2020. Let your superheroes modeled in your favorite skins with stunning game accessories. Hellcase offers its customers an opportunity to get various skins for their virtual players with Hellcase promo codes 2020 providing a better trading experience with Hellcase. You can style your hair along with your superheroes this 2020 using great clips coupon codes 2020. Great clips salon be your best choice when thinking of a stylish modern haircut at a reasonable rate.

Hellcase Promo Codes

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Top 2020 Hellcase promo codes

Never miss out on a hit while you enjoy tons of fun and dollars with Hellcase promo codes 2020. Here we provide the top-rated hellcase promo codes to get your bonuses and rewards while purchasing skin cases with Hellcase.

8762816 – Apply this exclusive code to get up to $0.70 credit for FREE. Redeem this credit at the time of signup and enjoy free credits.

HELLFB50 – Are you in search of Milspec cases free of cost. This promo code will knab you your choice.

Snapchat Giveaway – Support them on Snapchat to win impressive skins.

7476281 – Have a try this code for $0.40 credit if you want to get the best CS skin and cases.

HELLUEB – Enter this code to get 30 items free of cost.

HELLTW100 – An excellent bonus for new users to receive up to $1.00 worth of digital items for FREE.

FREEBIE – It is a new voucher code that can be used for existing users too. Purchase it at your Hellcase account for free case redemption.

Twitter Giveaway – Hurry up and join the Hellcase Twitter page to take part in the sweepstakes to grab free coins, money, knives, guns, and other gaming accessories. More than 20,000K opened cases wait for you.

naviguardian – Rush to signup for the new Hellcase account to enjoy up your welcome bonus of $30 worth of case and skin for free. Make sure you apply this discount coupon to get this exciting offer at the time of registration.

G2A Deal – Apply this link to order a random skin code for just $1.94. You are eligible to get a 6% cashback in your G2A wallet while using this promo coupon.

Are you crazy about playing CSGO games? Then Hellcase is your sphere of activity.

Hellcase is a CSGO case opening site. It also offers skin trading, as well as the game. CSGO cases are available for purchase from a few cents to several hundred dollars. The games Upgrade and Case Battle, provided by Hellcase, involves gambling of skins. Hellcase is not engaged in any esports betting that some other sites such as Lootbet and Arcanebet are involved.

Are you a Beginner in CSGO? Sign up with HELLCASE!

Hellcase for a beginner is a relatively simple site to get started using CSGO cases. Customers can sign in to your account for purchasing your favorite cases and skins for your superheroes. Funds can be deposited using Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and G2A. Gift card means of fund deposition can be done using the Hellcase wallet card from G2A. Enter your Hellcase wallet code on the site will make your card activated and deposits the amount to the player’s account. Have a choice from the great choice of cases available on the site once you made the payment. Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account to open your fantastic selection of cases once added to the inventory.

Have an amusing year in skin betting with Hellcase! Here is the list of skin betting games at Hellcase.

Case Battle

Case Battle consists of 2-4 players. The players will open the same case. The player with the highest total will be rewarded with all of the skins. Players can either create their battles and set the cases they want to add or join or be part of an existing competition that another player has created.


The game upgrade allows players to select a skin of their choice from their inventory that they would like to improve by upgrading to better skin. The player has to choose a skin from Hellcase that they wish to win from the game to start the game. The chances of winning a particular player are calculated based on the ratio between the player’s skin and the skin value they are trying to succeed as a reward from the Hellcase skin list. The odds of winning a skin bet will vary from 1% to 74%. The player can increase the chances of winning with a successful upgrade. If the upgrade is unsuccessful, the player loses their skin. Stay entertained playing your CSGO games with attractive cases and skins with Hell case promo codes 2020!

Steps to withdraw skin from Hellcase

The process of skin withdrawal from Hellcase is quite a simple task. Visit your profile and pick the item that you wish to send. Click on the send button. Click the “Get” button when the trade offer is ready, redirecting you to the trade on steam.

Earn while you play on Hellcase

Besides using Hellcase as an entertaining site, you can also approach the site as an earning source. You can trade the skins that you have won, or from cases you opened on the site. Hellcase offers you several bonuses and promotions through which you can make earnings or even a chance to win a Hellcase free case. Here are the options you have to withdraw your earnings from the Hellcase account.

Bitcoin: The minimum amount that can be withdrawn using this cryptocurrency is $25 with a 15% fee.

Ethereum: Withdrawal limit using this currency is $2 with a 5% transaction fee.

Waxpeer: Waxpeer is a P2P marketplace for skins by which you can withdraw up to $2 with a 2% fee.

Lootbear: It is also a skin trading site with a minimum withdrawal limit of $2 with a 2% transaction fee.
Balance withdrawal is possible only for the earnings you get from selling skins or upgrading while using Hellcase.

Pros with Hellcase

Hellcase has a lot going for it even though the games it offers are limited. Wide varieties of skins and cases with engaging selection is available at Hellcase. One of this gaming site’s cooler features option is to trade low-value skins for better ones. You have an opportunity to achieve great bonuses daily. Moreover, the site Supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish, and more. This multi-language supporting feature attracts many players to this site compared to other skin betting and case-offering gaming sites.

Feel the magic of skin betting and trading with Hellcase Promo codes 2020

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