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Are you looking for Warframe Promo Codes & Platinum Discounts for platinum subscriptions? Then you are in the right place. Check for the latest and working codes below. Warframe is one of the most engaging free-to-play online game right now. In this game, the players have direct command of the ancient warriors, and the missions are so exciting.

Warframe Promo Codes

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Warframe Promo Codes & Platinum Discounts [ RECENTLY EXPIRED ]

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Warframe Promo Codes

What is Warframe Gaming All About?

It was the year 2013 when Digital Extremes crafted an iconic game- Warframe. It was initially released on windows but soon enough it made its appearance in the PS4, X box one and Nintendo Switch. This game displays a classy fusion of the ancient with the futuristic. The game has a compelling storyline. The backdrop of the game is ancient Tenno race which has come back to life from the frozen state of cryo-sleep. On waking, they find themselves at war with several small groups whom they must exterminate to gain back their ascendency over several planets and moons. Warframe can seem to be a little overwhelming for beginners because of its complex game set-up, but this gameplay is gripping and can get you glued once you get the hang of it. In fact, it is raging among the game players worldwide and 2018 saw 38 million game players playing Warframe and the number is adding up in 2020. Warframe is primarily an action game that involves shooting, elements of role-playing and stealth. It is a dense game which has been constantly updated over the past 6 years. With the latest update of open-world areas, this game is all set to be the coolest out there.

How Does The Gameplay Work?

Set in the far future, Warframe is a third-person shooter/slasher game. At first, a player is required to build his Tenno character with a basic armor called ‘warframe’, which is clearly eponymous with the name of the game itself. Your Tenno avatar would as well be provided with basic weapons and a spaceship with which you shall be taking rides of the galaxy and landing on different planets and moons to exterminate the factions.

Throughout the course of the gameplay, you would be primarily engaging with one of the following three activities; –

1. Shooting and killing multiple enemies
2. Go undercover on a stealth mode and discover places and secrets
3. Attacking one particular target constantly as its health-bar deteriorates and it dies.

Missions in warframe– there are 20 distinct types of mission in warframe, they are; –

1. Assassination
2. Rescue
3. Deception
4. Capture
5. Defense
6. Invasion
7. Exterminate
8. Interception
9. Mobile Defense
10. Survival
11. Raid
12. Sabotage
13. Spy
14. VOID mission
15. Arena
16. Assault
17. Excavation
18. Hijack
19. Sanctuary Onslaught
20. Junction

This game has a layout where your avatar can travel from planet to planet to capture it and annihilate its faction. On each planet, you would get between 12 to 26 missions. After you complete one mission you are ready to go into the next one and kill there. Also, the passage to one planet lies in another. You need to achieve a particular goal in order to go on another planet. (I personally think that this extraterrestrial idea is super cool)! As you keep completing missions you can stash more currencies as you keep leveling up. On blowing the heads of enemies you would have a pile in your inventories at your disposal in no time. There is also something called ‘Mods’ in this game. Mods are cards which you can collect in this gameplay. These cards can endow your warframe with more powers and boosters as you proceed through the course. Warframe is approved for people who are 18+ because of the violence included in this game. However, you can turn the clarity of blood off from settings.

What Are Warframe Currencies And Why Do You Want Them?

While warframe is free gameplay for the users, but currency within the game plays a massive role. Currencies are used to upgrade war assets and increase inventories. There are various types of in-game currencies that can advance your gameplay, they are; –


While the former three kinds are in-game currencies but the later one i.e. platinum is a premium currency. It is a potent currency which you can buy using your real money. The expected value of one platinum in warframe is 6.7 cents. Warframe can be interesting and if you are someone who is enticed by its graphics and impressive gameplay, you might often feel the requirement to use currency while playing the game. A few uses of currency in the game are mentioned below; –

Purchase Weapons – warframe is an action game which engages its players by offering a mind-blowing experience of it. In warframe, weapons play a crucial role in the entire game. You can buy amazing weapons using currencies in the game, you might as well upgrade your existing weapons as well with currencies.

Purchase of other aids – weapon is hands down the most crucial thing in warframe, but other stuff like mod packs, warframe slots, cosmetic items and sentinels are required to augment your experience of gameplay.

Purchase of equipment – from time to time you might need to purchase other equipment to take your experience of the game to another level

What Is Warframe Platinum? What Are The Promo Codes That You Can Apply To Receive Free Platinum?

While you play the game, you would be in a constant need to upgrade your weapons and warframe. Platinum can come handy in such cases. In case you have exhausted the initial platinum that were given to you when you commenced the game, there are other ways of obtaining it. The first process is that you can play warframe for a duration of eternity and spend sleepless nights over accumulating platinum Or you can pay 6.7 cents for each platinum and break your bank balance on it Use promo codes and get platinum for free Assuming that you aren’t enamored by the tougher paths, I have mentioned an easy way to get platinum daily, it is simple and will not only save your money but also prevent those dark circles from coming. Check it out. Platinum is the single most important currency in the game. To get free platinum daily, you need to follow the following steps-

  • First – You need to download a Coupon Code generator
  • Second- click ‘run’ on the fine and then tap on ‘save’
  • Third- Login to warframe
  • Fourth- Ascertain the amount of platinum you would need, then select it
  • Fifth- Click on ‘add’ button
  • Finally- enjoy the game and play it to your heart’s content

What Are The Other Popular Promo Codes Of Warframe?

Warframe is an amazing game that distributes free goodies and other stuff on a frequent basis. To avail this privilege, you just need to know certain promo codes.

Glyph Codes – Glyphs are profile icons that that can be sprayed on the wall while on a mission. These looks super cool and add a feel-great factor to the overall game.


These glyphs can give a very cool effect to your game. These look amazing and you should redeem it now! Some Very Popular and Useful Promo Codes of 2020

1) Booster Promo Codes– Warframe offer various other promo codes which are not just limited to the look of the game. These booster promo codes are very tempting and would take your gaming experience to another level.

  • VoidCrystal- if one avails this room code, that person would get a 3-day booster for free. Great right?
  • Tennoskoom- This superb promo code gives Eagle Mod pack absolutely for free
  • TwoGrakata– Want to boost your credits and affinity? If yes, then this code is for you. It will boost them for 3 days.

2) Other Popular Promo Codes – 2020


How to Redeem Warframe Promo Codes?

For some of the above codes, we have provided a handy link along with it. In those cases, just click on the link and press ‘submit’. After which you would be asked to provide your gaming credentials, enter the correct ID and password and you would have your free goodie! However, just in case a link is not given along with your code, all you require to do is insert the code while in-game. To redeem code by this process, go to market while you are in the orbiter, search the ‘redeem code’ option there. You can simply copy and paste the code after which you need to press on the enter. Ta-da!

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