Slice Promo Code May 2022 | Get $10 Discount For Your Order

Pizza is known to be the king of comfort foods. Let it be a heart break or watching your favorite sport, pizza is the one dish that fits all occasions. Getting good pizza for astonishingly low rates is difficult these days. Slice pizza is one of the best pizzas that you can have while not worrying about it creating a hole in your pocket. Using slice promo code you can avail good discounts on your orders. Order from slice and use the best fit promo codes so that you can benefit the most.

Slice Promo Codes

Slice aims to integrate the world of food and technology. With their highly responsive app and website it is easy to order your favorite indulgent food whenever you want. Pizza is an art which is difficult to master and integrating it with tech savvy world can be considered another challenge. Slice has proven to be the best in both the fields. They only make pizza from freshly sourced ingredients which help to acquire a remarkable taste and everlasting impression.

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Slice Promo Code 2021

MOREPIES Use this promo code for the first order, you will get $5 off
TAKE10OFF Apply this promo co while check out and get $10 discount
PIZZADEALS Get $5 off with code
$10FFPIE When you purchase for more than $35, Use this code & you will get $10 off
HUNGRYX3 If you’re new to Slice, use this coupon for $5 off your first 3 orders on delicious local pies.
PIZZADAYX3 Get $5 off your first 3 orders when you spend $20 or more in each order.

Get Benefits By Ordering Via App

1. Get $3 off on your first app purchase

Are you ordering first time from the slice app? Slice gives you a discount of $3 when you use the slice app promo codeAPP3”. Use this code before checkout so that you can get a discount of $3.

How do you download the slice app?

a. Go to play store or app store and search for the slice app.
b. Download the slice app. Fill in the required fields in the app.
c. Start searching for your favorite pizzas and combos.
d. While checking out do not forget to use the slice promo codes given here.

2. Save $3 off on using the app to order every time!

If you want to order amazing pizzas and get $3 every time then use the slice coupon code “PIZZABUTTON” before you checkout to get $3. You can use your balance of $3 to order next time you use the app. This is the best way to save money as well as enjoy goo meal.

3. Use offer code to save $5 on the first purchase on the app.

Use the slice offer code “YVdn3G” to save $5 on pizza so that you can save $5 for your next order. Ensure you give the code before checkout so that you don’t miss this amazing deal. Save today and use it next time you order.

4. Get $10 slash on your first bill

Want to try out some amazing pizza, yet you are skeptical about your purchase? Then here is an amazing slice discount code that you must use on your first order. Use the slice discount code “SLICENYC” to get $10 discount on your first order. You won’t have any regrets indulging in so goodness. Have a great pizza without any regrets!

5. Get $7 straight off your bill on your first order.

If you love pizza and want to try out new places instead of same old regular store but are thinking twice about putting your money on slice then use the slice promo code “LIPSTICK” to get $7 slashed off your bill. This code is everyone’s favorite because you get $7 slashed out of your bill but still enjoy a great pizza.

6. New to slice? You can get $2+$5 off on your order

Slice has one motive, to make people love them by giving out amazing discounts, promo codes and offer time to time. Use the slice promo code before the checkout “PIZZAYUM” to get $2+$5 = $7 slashed off your bill. Slice makes your first order memorable by giving you some amazing discounts and offers so that you come back again.

7. Refer and earn today!

If you love slice then you can also share it with your friends. Inside the app you have refer and earn option by which you can earn $5 while your friends also earn $5.


1. Can I redeem cash with the promo codes?

Ans. You cannot redeem cash with the help of the promo codes. You have to order to get the benefits.

2. When will the above given coupon codes or promo codes expire?

Ans. The coupon codes and the promo codes do not have any expiration date as such. The company’s polices keep changing but still these coupon codes and discount codes should work.

3. How many ways are there to order from slice?

Ans. You can order through their app as well as their website. Using app will be more beneficial as there will be a lot of discount codes that will be available on the app.

About Slice

Slice pizza was created so that pizza could actually meet the expectations of tech savvy world that we are living in today. Slice revolutionized the local pizza by integrating technology through their app and website. A good meal should be enjoyed by all but not at the cost of burning your pockets. It is one of the largest pizza brands in the United States worth $46B in the market. They have an amazing menu to choose from and they only use freshly sourced ingredients so that all the flavorful impact stays in your mind forever. We all have had pizza fails but slice is here to ensure that every bite you take is enjoyable and memorable.


Integrating pizza, technology and as well as providing them at such cheap rates is Slice’s specialty. They have some amazing options to choose from and chefs working around the clock to provide some lip smacking deliciousness.

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