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Escape from Tarkov is gaining multitudes of fans across the gaming universe, and the popularity is growing as we speak. This is the reason that many want to have premium access to it, and not just use any other versions of it. We are providing some exclusive Escape from Tarkov promo codes for this one owing to multiple fan requests. Owing to the popularity, an extended alpha version of the game was also released in 2017. Many of the escape from Tarkov promo codes would provide you with some exciting freebies.

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About Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a first-person hardcore tactical shooting game which is created by Battlestate Games. It basically contains mission-based levels on every nook and corner until you reach your prime target. Battlestate also released a limited extended alpha version which is only available to a select few gamers.

Escape From Tarkov Promo Code

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The events basically revolve around a fictional Special Economic Zone in Russia called Norvinsk, which acts as an accession point in between Russia and Europe. Many suspicious and cryptic organisations have taken root in this area, and Tarkov is bearing the brunt of it.

After a short political stalemate and a violent armed retaliation which also involved the United Nations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and 2 private military contractors, the border areas were shut down indefinitely. Save those who are trying to escape the likely ambush spots; no place is safe enough. The player must weave through everything and everyone to get across, no matter the cost.

Key Protagonists and Antagonists

This is a single player game involving stealth, cunning and lots of assault-based opportunities. As the main protagonist, the player needs to move out of the seemingly war-torn area of Tarkov and escape into the safe zone. The player would get the opportunity to work with either of the two military contractors named, United Security (USEC) and BEAR. USEC was basically hired by the Terra Group, one of the most-deadliest and disreputable companies in the world. This is carried out in sync with the local Russian authorities. The other side of the coin is the BEAR group, which in essence is hired by the Russian Government to uncover the dark secrets of USEC.

Animations For Just About Everything

The team is equally proud that there are different reload animations for each weapon. It is also interesting that the character holds the gun differently, for example, when standing in front of a wall. So the weapon does not protrude into the wall as with other games. The character takes them up or down or puts them on, which looks much more realistic. The speed with which your hero runs can also be infinitely adjusted via the mouse wheel. This applies to all directions, even if you are running sideways or to the rear.

Mix Of Shooter And Rpg

Escape from Tarkov is an online shooter with lots of RPG elements. Including a sophisticated and complex skill system. Besides, you can interact with many objects in the game world and look everywhere for prey, even in the trunk of old cars. In the action-packed battles, it depends on your skill and not just on the capabilities of the character. Realistic physics systems and movements, as well as modifiable weapons, complete the shooter.

Every Little Thing Must Be Right

Each building consists of several parts. You model the individual rooms, the staircases, every wall and then fit everything together. In fact, every door is given special attention, consisting of highly detailed models, which are then downsized for the game and given a high-resolution texture. This applies to every object in the game – from the oven to the guitar lying around somewhere. The team uses many so-called normal maps in the textures, through which one can miss objects a structure and depth.

For the equipment of the characters, one orients oneself on real objects, which one studies carefully and then creates 3D models for the game. Even with the faces of the characters in the game, you pay attention to making them as individual as possible and to give them characteristics that distinguish figures from each other. This level of detail runs through the entire game Escape from Tarkov – from the small bush over every vehicle to the machine gun. All this you can see in the new Dev Diary of the MMO itself.


The game provides some of the finer details of the genre, and they are listed out below,

1. The game derives an elaborately designed storyline that also contains the multi-player modes for an enthralling experience. You can even take part in raids on game locations with your friends or in solo mode.

2. Douse yourself with some of the most distinctive and bonafide locations across Tarkov city. You also have access to suburban areas, city blocks, industrial areas, military deployment centres, etc. It also contains an entry into the heart of the city.

3. You can also find some secret locations, facilities, and additional weaponry and armour for stocking yourself up for the incoming onslaughts.

4. The player can move around the city and find out some useful intel on the condition of the city.

5. Your ultimate objective is to get out of there in one piece, unharmed and whole.


With a gaming experience so complicated and exciting, there is no wonder that users are looking for Escape from Tarkov promo codes at alarming rates. An experience that is unforgettable and great; it is a value for money, which is why the promo codes would be of an added advantage for diehard and staunch gamers around the world. So just have those codes ready, install the game and enjoy Battlestate’s latest creation at its fullest.

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