Peoria Charter Promo Code May 2022 | Get 20% Off This Month

While you are planning to travel safely, especially if you are someone who always finds himself/herself trying to spend as less as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s a long-distance international vacation or a short trip; you are going solo or with a group of colleagues or family, or attending some event, a luxurious Peoria Charter Coach is always a reliable option. Moreover, the Peoria Charter Promo Code and other promotional discount options make it even more convenient for you. Well, here is how the entire process works:

Peoria Charter Promo Codes 2020

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3. AsianTimes – Use this promo code and get $3 discount on total spending of $20 or more. The validity of coupon code is unknown.

4. Giveaway – Like the official Facebook page of Peoria Charter and Participant in the free giveaway. You could win a Free round-trip ticket. This offer is open for all current members of Peoria Charter.

5. TIME2GO – Apply this new promo code to get $3 discount for the people who need to travel to and from Peoria. This offer is only valid in selected locations.

6. Free WiFi – Buying a ticket with this coupon code you will get free WiFi. Enjoy Buss Hot spot service

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About Peoria Charter Motor Company

Being a reliable, extremely safe and comfortable choice in Midwest, Peoria Charter, a family-owned motor coach company, provides excellent services for your diverse needs. And hence, whether you are someone traveling to suburbs or airport or anywhere else, they provide you with specified contract charter bus services in order to cater to your desired needs.

Why Choose Peoria Charter Transportation Services?

Well, this company (which is located in IL) has got expertise with years of working in this field. Moreover, in order to travel safely with staff or driver which is well-trained; a clean motor coach; and in a reasonable cost, I bet you won’t be able to find any other service provider as good as Peoria Charter.

With an amazing cost-effective traveling alternative, Peoria Charter is a transportation Service provider; anyone can opt for while planning for a business or family or even solo tour. Other than that, their skilled professionals along with the timely arrival and departure (since no one likes wasting their time & energy over non-required calls for the same) are commendable, and this makes them stand out in front of other transportation service providers.

Moreover, their ongoing discount deals (ranging from $3 to $20), promo codes (which can be availed via Email blasts or Social Media pages), and other promotional offers make it, even more, budget-friendly to go for. Also, they make sure to carry out an audit on every facility they provide or the equipment they use via their open-door policy.

Their other transportation services include:

1. Airport Transfers
2. Outing for Senior Citizens
3. Convention Transportation
4. Church, Sporting, Fraternal, Civic Events, etc.
5. School Trips

How is the Peoria Charter Bus Service Beneficial for Travel Purposes?

For people wanting to have a transportation medium to travel from Chicago to Illinois or Peoria to Chicago, with the added convenience of ticket booking online (from about anywhere) and secure refund options, can opt for the versatile Peoria Charter Coach Service. Other than that, with the availability of their 30% discount offer on the ticket cost, for people, there is no other service as convenient as them. Moreover, people avail up to a 10$ discount, who place their orders for the first time online. And also, when you sign up on their official website in order to purchase your first ticket online, you will avail a bonus discount of $3.

Another great benefit of traveling with Peoria Charter Coach service providers is that when it comes to handling customers with some sort of disability, anyone can rely on them for pleasant travel experience and assistance during meal or rest stops. It could be anything from their boarding, luggage, lading, de-boarding combined with the mobility device recuperation.

Also, it doesn’t matter if a disabled person is travelling solo or with other people, they provide them with a PCA if they ask for it depending upon how much assistance they require as per their condition. Moreover, they do provide support with the storage (only if its size allows and fits) of wheeled mobility device inside the bus, just in case if any disabled person doesn’t wish travelling in their wheeled mobility device.

Important FAQs to be considered:

1. What are the different Bus sizes available at Peoria Charter coach Company?

With a total count of 64 coach Buses and 100+ well-trained drivers available with Peoria Charter coach Company, below-mentioned are the diverse sizes available:

  • 55 Passenger Bus including a Restroom
  • 38 Passenger Bus including a Restroom
  • 20 Passenger Executive Minibus

2. When will you receive your Final Travel Documents?

Well, when it comes to your travel documents, you will get them around two weeks before your planned departure. Moreover, with the travel documents, you will get to know everything from the day by day itinerary, airline confirmation (only if valid), pick up, hotel and other general information which even includes what type of clothing you will have to pack according to the weather, etc.

3. How much luggage can you carry along?

Well, when it comes to carrying luggage, according to Peoria Charter, you are allowed two luggage pieces (of a maximum of 70 pounds per 1 piece) which could be stored for free inside the bus. Also, you are allowed to carry one small bag which could be a small sling or backpack. Other than that, if you still require carrying more luggage with you (only if they have extra space available in the bus), an additional cost of $10.00 per item will have to be paid (which is quite reasonable).

4. Can you get a ticket refund or transfer it?

No. You aren’t allowed to get a ticket refund. However, you can request a transfer only if the departure dates or time has not gone by that time. And hence, for the transfers, just in case of some emergencies, they provide you with a grace period after the expiration of the departure time, although a certain amount has to be paid for it. In the end, however, immense care is taken throughout the process, just in case the bus breaks down on the way for some reasons, their team will make sure they have 24×7 technician and manager available in order to get back to the road again and reach their destination safely.


Considering a number of benefits of traveling with Peoria Charter Coach buses including the provision of Peoria charter promo code, and many other discount deals, one has got to travel with them at least once. So, sign up at their website and book your seats for your next travel now. Until then!

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